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Darren Hill

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Jeff Hoisington

Darren Hill & Jeff Hoisington met in 2006 while working together in the mortgage industry.  Instantly, the two became friends and soon after found out they both shared a passion for music.  In 2009, Darren and Jeff decided to start a DJ business called the MixMasters.

Darren got his start DJing in the 80’s at a local roller skating rink.  Darren would perform during skating sessions, birthday parties and special events.  From there he went on to DJing school dances and events.  Darren has a vast knowledge of different genres of music and knows when to play the right song at the right time.

Jeff got his start DJing in the 90’s.  His roommate at the time, was a professional club DJ and radio host.  After learning the art of mixing, Jeff began to attend gigs at nightclubs and would be a guest host on the radio.  These experiences have made Jeff the DJ he is today and is very grateful to have learned the art of mixing, editing, remixing and emceeing.

In 2019, the MixMasters will be celebrating 10 years in business.  Over the years, they have performed weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, anniversaries, charity events, corporate functions and more.  The MixMasters are located in West Boylston MA and provide DJ services for all of New England.

We would love the opportunity to provide the entertainment at your wedding, party or event.  Please contact us today for more information.