Looking For a Wedding DJ

Are You Looking for a Wedding DJ? If so here are some questions to ask when interviewing a DJ for your big day.

1. What style of music do you specialize in?

Not all DJs are the same. Some specialize in certain genres of music, like Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Country etc. Make sure the Professional Wedding DJ you hire has the ability to create the music experience you’re looking for, therefore you and your guests will be out on the dance floor having fun.

2. Is your music legal?

Not only is it unethical to use pirated music, but more importantly it will have poor sound quality. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be for you and your guests if your song starts skipping or you can’t make out the lyrics?  When working with a DJ it is important to know where their music comes from. Professional wedding DJs will always use legal “high quality” music obtained through professional music services such as dj music pools.

3. Will you work with us to create a customized playlist or provide song suggestions?

Let’s face it, it’s your big day and it should be all about you. Creating customized playlists for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, cake cutting and wedding reception is a must. When working with a professional wedding DJ, they spend on average 30 to 40 hours preparing for your wedding. Consultations, editing songs and customizing playlists are essential in preparing for your special day.

4. Will you take requests from our guests?

Some DJs will take request while others will not. When working with a professional wedding DJ, they should leave that decision up to the client. Typically if it is a great song choice, they will play it. If it is a song that they know will clear the dance floor or is similar to a song request not to be played, they will not.

5. Do you use professional equipment?

Yes Yes Yes! When interviewing a DJ for your big day, it is important to make sure they have professional equipment to guarantee the best sound quality. Can you imagine not being able to hear the music for your first dance? Or not being able to talk to the person sitting next to you at dinner? Ouch! A professional wedding DJ will always have a neat and professional sound system(s) that accommodate the space of your wedding.

6. What measures do you have in place if your equipment fails?

This is important to know when hiring a DJ what their contingency plan is if their equipment fails during your wedding. Professional wedding DJs will bring a second set of equipment (i.e. multiple laptops, mixers, speakers etc) as a backup in the event of equipment failure something happens.

7. What other services do you provide?

When interviewing a Professional Wedding DJs it’s important to know what’s included in their proposal and what are addons. Most Professional Wedding DJs offer different packages to include services such a, dance floor lighting, up lighting, monograms, photo booths, slideshows and video. Some Professional Wedding DJs also include services or discounts on justice of the peace, photographer, videographer, dressmakers, bakers and florists.

8. Do you use a written contact?

The answer should always be yes. It is extremely important to have confirmation in writing when your when you hired a DJ for your big day. The contact will also lay out the terms of service as well as their cancellation policy. Professional wedding DJs will always use written contracts and most will also use questionnaires to make sure all aspects of your event are coordinated in advance.

9. Do you carry insurance?

While there is no mandate for wedding DJs to carry insurance, most venues will require wedding DJs to provide proof of general liability insurance in the event something happens.

The MixMasters are a professional DJ service. If you are looking to or know someone who is looking to hire a DJ for an upcoming wedding, party or event please contact us.

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